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  • Economically EPIC

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  • GIM ATX WHITE Customizable Prebuilt Gaming PC Front Side

    Play Like a Pro, Look Like a BOSS

    The ultimate gaming experience isn't just about outperforming the competition - it's about looking good while you do it. Gaming is more than just a hobby. It's a lifestyle.

    Starting at $999 
  • Customer Service was amazing

    The PC came in nice, clean, and intact. Any additional questions were answered super fast.
    - Mustafa via Customer Survey
  • It runs lighting quick

    It plays everything I want just fine... the sleek look of the machine is very appreciated
    - Daniel via Customer Survey
  • Very powerful, good looking and well put together

    Arrived on time. Set up was easy, I didn't have to install anything and support was very helpful with my questions since I'm new to PC.
    - Camila
  • It performs exceptionally well

    I'm thrilled with my experience. The computer was neatly assembled, showcasing their attention to detail. I'd recommend Green Beast Gaming.
  • Very happy with my purchase

    Good build quality and a really cool looking PC
    - Mayer
  • Just bought from these guys, it's legit... they were responsive

    - u/godawgs695
  • They are underrated

    I just found them affordable and they had good customer service... They are underrated, Green beast is legit
    - u/ankhlol
  • I shopped extensively before I made a purchase. Newegg, amazon, ebay, B&H, best buy. None were even close to the value I got from Green Beast Gaming.
    - David via Customer Survey
  • Value: The price is very much in line with what I was looking for. Speed: The machine is absolutely frighteningly fast. Noise level: This computer is almost silent.
    - Customer Survey
  • High value. Powerful for gaming. And enough VRAM for AI tasks. This computer will be the centerpiece of my entertainment center for years to come.
    - Nick via Customer Survey